Our breakfast room is light and airy and looks out onto the patio area where you can watch the birds busily going about their daily duties whilst you enjoy our freshly prepared breakfasts at your own individual table.We believe that breakfast should be as relaxing and enjoyable as the rest of your stay, so we don’t have a breakfast bar where you need to pour your own drinks or sort your own cereals and toast out. All you need to worry about is what you would like to order that morning and we will then bring everything out to you all of which will of been either kept chilled,freshly brewed and cooked to order.




Our breakfasts are freshly prepared each morning

Please select one from each of the following choices:

Fruit Juice
Smooth orange juice, apple juice

+ + + + + +

Cereal, Fruit
Cornflakes Muesli Bran flakes Weetabix Rice Krispies
fruit from the fruit bowl

+ + + + + +

Freshly Prepared Breakfast Selection

Sausage,Bacon,Black Pudding, Fresh Mushrooms Fresh Tomato, Beans
Served with Srambled or Fried Egg

Vegetarian Sausage, Hash Brown
Fresh Mushrooms, Fresh tomato, Beans
Served with Scrambled or Fried Egg

High Fibre
Baked Beans On Thick
Wholemeal Toast

Something Lighter
Scrambled Egg on White or Wholemeal Toast

+ + + + + +

A Selection of White and Brown Toasted Bread
With a choice of hand curled Butter, Jam, Marmalade or Honey

+ + + + + +

Yorkshire Tea or Caffetiere Coffee (Decaf coffee also available)

+ + + + + +